Senate Dave Kollasch Blueberry K’s



Manufacture: Senate

Year of release: 1996

Design: Arlo Eisenberg, Mark Heineken

Poured: Hyper

Contributors: Mark Heineken, Dave Kollasch, Ed Leibowitz

Inline’s first fruit-flavoured wheels

The aroma of Blueberry ‘Ks became so overwhelming that even Senate CEO Mark Heineken could not stomach them. Within the recycled air of his Huntington Beach office, they were less than kind to the olfactory senses.

“The scent is actually in the urethane, and when the wheels get worn, they’re smelly. We had to throw them out because it’s like air freshener” – Mark Heineken

Dave Kollasch happened to eat a lot of Special K cereal, and so his signature wheels were sealed in a miniature breakfast cereal box. The product was upgraded for the ’96 season line after Kollasch revealed the identity of his favourite fruit to heap atop his bowl. Success has inevitably brought its share of mild headaches, Kellogg’s fired off a cease-and-desist order for the Dave Kollasch Blueberry ‘Ks.

“Pretty much all the packaging we stole we got a Cease and desist for, It was all part of the deal. The more legal issues we were getting, the more kids talked about us. The legal cost was part of our marketing budget” – Mark Heineken 2015


After Senate got hit with the Cease and desist the Blueberry K’s were re-packaged and sold in cellophane with the Blueberry sticker from the cereal box packaging attached. Now if we only had Smell-O-Vision you would know how these still smell as fresh as they did in ’96.

 “The blueberry’s were my favorite anti rocker wheels of all time” – Dominic Sagona

Los Angeles Time – FREE ENTERPRISE / A Wheel Grind

November 24, 1996