DNA Mk1 – October 1997

Blade Museum exclusive – We take a look at the previously unpublished DNA Mk1 magazine.

Words by: Lesley Kendrick

The Mk1 issue was the Pre mag mock-up for advertisers and distribution meetings – The original Skatermag & Unity Crew had parted ways with their publisher and started again with a new company – The Rec magazine was Total Skater, then came DNA and Total Hockey. This issue had a very limited run of less than 500 copies as it was only used for meetings and advertising materials at trade shows. Unfortunately the new company was unsuccessful and the original 3 Lesley, Aldie and Sandy were ousted within the first 12 months. Publishing is a tough game.


We went to Germany for the ISPO trade show and gave out the mock-up magazine to all relevant companies and skaters to get them interested in the birth of DNA.

– Marcos Alegria

Contribution: Carl Smith