I wanted to tell our story with a greater scope than the usual small slice you’d see of a hyper-specific time and place. I wanted to share the objective history and take the audience on a ride through the unfolding of our particular subculture’s roots, and I wanted to do so visually. 

– Victor Friedman

Words by: Victor Friedman

Andy Strahan, soyale. Picture by: Javan Makhmali Read more

Sony PlayStation’s Extreme British Championships – November 1995

Words by: Matt King

Photo Contribution: Dave Kollasch

The Extreme Championships at Radlands was my 1st competition and the first time seeing good skaters from outside my friends circle. It had a ‘Hoax 2’ feel about it, having skaters from different towns across the country with such varied styles. None of us had much exposure back then to see how each other skated (other than the odd picture) so it was great to finally see what everyone was doing. I was not strong on grinds back then so was doing tricks from ‘Air Attack’ (Quad movie) that were unique.

This was the comp that made British skating in a way, I remember being amazed that so many other people did my sport which at the time appeared to be tiny and niche, so seeing that many people skating at such a high level truly shocked me.


Skatermag write-up Feb/Mar 1996 Read more