The Blade Museum is a passion project by two long-time Rollerbladers. Tom Smith, known to be one of the biggest product collectors from the golden age of Rollerblading, and Kazuharu Morita, a dedicated soul-skater since the inaugural days of the sport.

Like exhibition curators, Tom and Kazu decided the best way to document the history of the sport was to create a virtual Rollerblading museum that could be shared with a global community, featuring videos, magazines and products from the 90’s marked with great creativity, for all to see and share.

During his epic 3 month trip throughout the USA this past summer, Kazu gathered many treasures for the museum from pioneering former professionals to passionate amateurs alike. The Blade Museum is not only the project of Tom And Kazu, its also yours. Everybody can participate and add the true value to the development of the site by sharing their own stories/experiences, or by donating to preserve and share the history of our culture. Please get in touch if you would like to contribute in any way.

This is just the beginning for The Blade Museum, the site will be updated as frequently as possible with new products, videos and magazines. We will aim and do this on a weekly/ fortnightly basis, so keep checking back.

I’ve been collecting 90’s Rollerblading memorabilia for over a decade now, and often had friends saying to me “you should open a museum”.  I never thought that it would be possible to do, but when myself and Kazu came up with the concept to make a “Virtual” Rollerblading history museum it was game On. – Tom Smith


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