Hardcore ‘Lurch’ Glow In The Dark grind plates

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Words by: Larry ‘Lurch’ Fagan.

Mine was the best compound out of all the grind plates from Hardcore (lol) the owner Brian Lee was a good guy but had some bad luck he got arrested for growing marijuana and that’s when Hardcore was no longer. It’s sucks too cause he had the new formula for the better grind plates but was never able to bring them out. I was at his house the day he got arrested, his younger jealous brother let the cops in the house, his mother lived next door and couldn’t get a hold of him so she called the cops to see if he was alive …. The dude lived 20 ft away from her house it was a bummer but what can you do. He contacted me years later, it was cool. I hope he is doing well he was a good guy it’s just too bad the rest of the family wasn’t as bright as my grind plates 🙂

– lurch 619 crew

Inline’s 1st Glow In The Dark product –

lurch rockin’ a Topside Acid at Hubba Hideout ’96

Larry’s Fifth Elements setup with The ‘Lurch’ Plates – January 2016

Hardcore’s Pro Plate line 1996 –

Hardcore ad – Team Paradise Back to Skool ’96

619 represent.